Security Umbrellas


                                                              10 feet diagonal

                    Dimensions :

                                         xz↔y=17inch feet (0.48meters                A↔B= 7.3 feet (2.21meters)

                                        xz↔w=6.6 feet to 7.6 feet                     A↔C=7.3 feet (2.21meters)

                                                                                                      A↔D=10 feet (3meters)


Center pipe =1 ½ inch Aluminum round pipe

Side wing 1½x 1½ Aluminum round pipe

Color = off white

                                 Umbrellas are generally considered products for the rich.

We have thought of the security personnel at the gates who toil in the sun and rain. These umbrellas are more flat than pyramid shaped to give maximum coverage to the people standing below. Logos printed on the top makes branding visible in the entrance of the building. The heavy base from 40 to 60 kg is movable to prevent hindrance to vehicle movement.

(Hope you will give your security people the pleasure of standing in shade)


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