Materials :


          Aluminum structure

                           The section used is specially extruded with correct dia meter and wall thickness based on the required strength for the design.

The aluminum pipes are either in mill finish or powder coated to choice of color. (Standard color off white)


 M.S structure

                       M.S is used for structures where fabrication work involves cutting, welding with arc or tig. The pipes are then weather-proofed with primer and paint or powder coated to choice of color.


Stainless steel

                  Stainless steel grade 202 is used for both umbrellas and structures and once polished, the mirror finish stands good for years to come.

Rust proof and rich look of the structure adds to the beauty of the Umbrella.


§  The components are molded using Nylon 6 grade virgin granules for the light and medium duty umbrellas.

§  Aluminum of LM 6 grade is used for heavier umbrellas.  




It is a residential umbrella Designed to handle light to moderate winds .  It’s simple concept

is when people do not sit under the  umbrella, what is its need to be open? Many

manufacturers show  videos of how their umbrellas can withstand heavy winds but what

is the necessity to have an umbrella open during storm or Gail winds. If winds get too strong

 close your umbrella. Our simplified design helps you close the umbrella in seconds