Light duty Road show Umbrellas


                                                        8Feet to 10Feet diagonal

                    Dimensions :

                                         xz↔y=1.2feet(0.36 meter)                                           A↔B= 2.1 feet(0.63 feet)

                                        xz↔w=5.75 feet(1.74 meter)                             A↔E=5.6 feet(1.69 meter)

                                                                                                                                                     AB↔EF=4.9 feet(1.48 meter)




Center pipe =1  inch M.S round pipe

Side wing  = Spring steel 2mm

Color        = off white


      Light weight umbrella  meant for road shows, golf course , can be used as hand held and comes with an extension pipe for fixing on the ground. It can be tied to any two wheeler or railing.


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