Our Quick Queue retractable belt stanchions offer premium features at a budget-saving price. They are available in a variety of finishes and belt color choices to match your specific needs. These portable stanchions are easily stored and can be placed where needed most to keep lines organized or to restrict access and protect products.


Our wall mount comes in a mirror finish with a selection of belt colors. A belt receiver and attachment hardware for both wall mount and belt receiver are included. The 2" wide belt extends 8 feet.



• performs as a barricade

• product or brand awareness

• Fabric used is woven Acrylic died

• Available colors Red, Blue, Green, Off White ,White , Brown

• Springs used for holding the fabric stiff

• The structure is dismantled into 3 parts 1)The banner.2) The base .3) The pillar

• Stand comes with various weights 3.5 kg to 7 kg .

 • The structures are Stainless Steel and can be also powder coated to color of choice. .


The units are assembled and pretested before being installed at site . These designs come with all electric connections ,wiring lights etc.


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