Tensile Structure


Tensile membrane structures are unusual in that the stresses in the membrane are determined by the membrane shape, and vice versa. So the shape of the structure has to follow the stress path, and this leads to a shape that is often aesthetically pleasing, where form follows function. Tensile membrane structures are used as shades, awnings and roofs as they can economically span large areas.

Although tensile structures can be designed using physical scale model simulations, the use of computer algorithms for finding the shape (form finding) and developing the flat panels to create that shape (patterning) is now commonplace, and allows designers more freedom to try different designs, and more confidence in the results.

We at super Tech design shapes that are not one huge single piece but try to brake them into number of small units that can be assembled together . This also reduces our labor needed at the time of service .The designs come with gutter sections for the easy flow of rain water .There are jacks on all pillar to adjust the level and flow of water .

The units are assembled and pre-tested before being installed at site . These designs come with all electric connections ,wiring lights etc.


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