Stand , Table and Printing

                     CAST IRON  

                                                                      25 & 40 KG STAND                                                 60 KG STAND


40 KG STAND                              60&80 KG STAND

If you intend to install your Umbrella not permanently on the floor and the umbrella needs to be moved from place to place then what you need is a heavy duty stand that can hold the umbrella down. We are the only company offering a wide range of these stands ranging from 16 kg TO 100 Kg With options of Cast Iron or sheet metal box with granule filling.

       Permanent fixing          fixing with fasteners                  Stand with table base 

Permanent fixing

Made of galvanized steel, this Standard in -ground fitting is extremely strong and will not rust. The diameter of the plate is 8 inch mm and the height of the fitting is 18 inch Installing an in -ground fitting requires digging a suitable-sized hole, pouring concrete and placing the in- ground fitting into the concrete. The Spigot is then bolted onto the in- ground fitting.

Base plate fixing

The base plate is 12inch X 12inch and the height of the pipe is 4 feet Dia of the pipe depends on the umbrella for coffee shop umbrella its 2 inch pipe and bigger umbrella its 2.5 inch . The Base plate can be fixed on to the rigid floor using concrete fastener.

Stand with table base

This stand is permanent fixing and has a extra base plate measuring 10 inch x 10 inch at a height of 2.6 feet from the ground level to hold the granite or marble or wood plank which will serve as a table.      



              Marble or Granite                               Wooden or fiber glass


The table is either square or round in shape made of Granite or Marble 1 inch slab

 Normal coffee Shop umbrella uses 2.5 feet square or 2.5 feet dia round table suitable for 7.5 feet square umbrella. Incase the umbrella is 15 feet dia then a 3feet table can be used .

Printing on fabric



The umbrellas are printed with own developed ink which can be used for screen printing. A maximum number of 4 colors can be printed, for which the logo has to be provided in Corel Draw format.