Hexagon Umbrellas


                                                        8Feet to 10Feet diagonal

                    Dimensions :

                                         xz↔y=2.3inch feet (0.69meters)                                           A↔B= 5 feet (1.51meters)

                                        xz↔w=6.16to 7.16 feet (1.86 to 2.16 meters)              A↔D=10 feet (3meters)



Center pipe = 1 ½ inch Aluminum round pipe

Side wing   =  ¾ x ¾ Aluminum square pipe

Color          =  off white


Umbrellas designed keeping in mind easy maneuverability, elegance and maximum coverage. The hexagon shaped umbrella looks round, ideal for round table with a round seating arrangement. The fabric used is synthetic Acrylic coated to make the umbrella light and the texture gives it a richer look. These are more suitable for the pool side & lawn area where dust is minimum and the umbrella has to be personally handled.

Available colors Red, Blue, Green, White, Brown, and Off White.


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